About MerwinAsia

MerwinAsia, founded in 2008, is an independent publisher of books on East Asia in the humanities and social sciences that aims to enhance our understanding of, and stimulate our interest in, East Asian culture and history. The emphasis on translations reflects the profile of the many titles acquired by the publisher, Doug Merwin, in the past as the founding editor of the East Gate Books imprint at M.E. Sharpe.

Where can I order MerwinAsia books?

Distribution of MerwinAsia books is handled by the University of Hawai’i Press. All MerwinAsia titles are on the University of Hawai’i Press website and in their annual catalog.

Where can I read more about MerwinAsia books?

MerwinAsia produces its own annual catalog, has an exhibit booth at the annual meeting of The Association for Asian Studies,  maintains a website with book reviews and commentary and places ads in relevant Asian Study journals.